KevinWilliams Misogyny

Columnist who wrote evangelicals should be burned at the stake hired by the Atlantic

This is a really big surprise right? I mean how could this happen? Well, of course it can’t. As a matter of fact somebody who wrote that would not be able to get a job, or even have a word printed, at any mainstream or even marginal publication.  The blow back would be beyond belief. Even, even, if they only wrote it once. And later said it was to be provocative. And yet even some “liberals” are making those excuses for Kevin Williamson who wrote that people who have abortions should be hanged. He only did it once. We’re actually repeating it and debating how bad this really is.

It’s not only the war against progressives. The absolute and total misogyny is beyond belief but nobody is allowed to mention that. Evangelicals, part of the protected class. Women who must make one of the most (if not the most) difficult decision of their lifetime, not so much. #Metoo movement had its five minutes of fame in the media. Now back to the big boys work.