CO-Sen: “We don’t need more Jews in office.”

As you know, I like to share a lot of campaign e-mails from incumbents and candidates because I want to get folks involved and active in Democrats’ campaigns. One of the many e-mails I received today came from former Colorado House Speaker and U.S. Senate candidate, Andrew Romanoff (D. CO), who recently faced Anti-Semitism on the campaign trail in his bid to unseat U.S. Senator Cory Gardner (R. CO):

“Are you Jewish?”

The question came from the back of the room, during a community forum in Estes Park. Fifty people gathered at the public library yesterday for an otherwise cordial conversation about the Senate race.

“Yes, I am,” I said.

“That’s all I needed to hear,” came the reply. “We don’t need more Jews in office.”

My grandmother of blessed memory warned me that my life would never be free of anti-Semitism. I’ve seen and sought to counter bigotry of every kind, so I can’t say I was shocked. But the audience was—both shocked and appropriately repelled.

Several people approached me afterward to apologize. They didn’t need to, of course, but they were determined to make a point.

“We’re better than this,” one woman said, referring not just to her neighbor’s remarks but to America’s darkest impulses. On a bright afternoon in March, a room full of friends proved her right.

Andrew Romanoff

It infuriates me that this bull shit continues on the campaign trail and it really pisses me off that Trump has normalized this type of behavior. Romanoff is right, we are better than this and we need to prove it at the polls big time in 2020. Let’s show Romanoff we have his back. Click here to donate and get involved with his U.S. Senate campaign.