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CO-Sen: Stuart Rothenberg Makes The Case Why Cory Gardner (R) Is A Top Target For Democrats

Political Analyst, Stuart Rothenberg, has a new op-ed in Roll Call with a focus on another top race for Democrats in 2020. In this case, it’s the Colorado U.S. Senate seat currently held by Cory Garnder (R. CO) who Rothenberg explains is the most vulnerable GOPer next year:

It’s generally easier for an incumbent to swim against the tide in a presidential year than during a midterm election, when voters use their House and Senate votes to make a statement about a president who is not on the ballot.

Next year, voters who dislike Trump but generally view Gardner favorably have separate votes to cast, giving the Republican senator a better opportunity to attract ticket-splitters.

Nevertheless, Trump will be a significant liability for Gardner, since a vote for the incumbent is one for continued GOP control of the Senate and inevitably a vote in support of the president.

Gardner, after all, chaired the National Republican Senatorial Committee last cycle (making him a member of the party’s Senate leadership), and he generally has been a loyal soldier in Trump’s Senate army.

He will have to depend on his campaign skills and, possibly, some Democratic division to hold his seat next year. It will be a difficult challenge with Trump at the top of the ballot.

There’s a number of Democrats who are looking to unseat Gardner but I am curious to see how former Colorado House Speaker, U.S. Senate, and Congressional candidate, Andrew Romanoff (D. CO) will run his campaign. It’s certainly sounding like he’s running a more progressive campaign than before based on this campaign e-mail I received from his campaign:

It's been less than three weeks since I declared my candidacy for the U.S. Senate, and the opposition has already launched its first attack. The Republican Party this week accused me of leading a “march toward socialism”!

Ordinarily I'd explain a bit of Russian history—socialism didn't work out too well for the czars—but I'm guessing that joke would be lost on this crowd. So I'm asking you to counter their scare tactics instead.

Will you chip in a few American dollars right now?

I will proudly lead the fight for universal health care, aggressive action on climate change, and an economy that works for all of us. If that makes me a threat to Cory Gardner and Donald Trump, that's fine with me.

It usually takes longer for the GOP's hysteria to kick in. We must be doing something right!

Let's keep it up. Please make your contribution today.

Andrew Romanoff

I’m also curious to see how former State Senator and Gubernatorial candidate, Mike Johnston (D. CO), will run his campaign. Based on this e-mail I received from his campaign, he’s focusing heavily on immigration:

We live in a nation of immigrants.

Here in Colorado, one in ten of us were born in another country.

That's why it's so outrageous that Cory Gardner refuses to speak out against Donald Trump's unconstitutional power grab to try to build his wasteful and unnecessary wall that would do nothing to make us safer. Even worse, Gardner wants to re-elect Trump and give him four more years to terrorize immigrant communities.

Colorado deserves better. That's why I'm running to beat Cory Gardner, and why I want to improve our immigration system.

Will you add your name and stand with me in the fight for comprehensive immigration reform?

As Colorado's next senator, I will do right by our immigrant neighbors, supporting reforms that grow our economy, make us safer, and welcome those around the world who seek refuge from harm.

I'll start by providing a path to citizenship, building an immigration system that supports our economy and honors our values, treating those seeking refuge with dignity and open arms, and reforming ICE.

I'll also make sure that Donald Trump's wall never gets built.

We can build a better immigration system — together. Please add your name and show Cory Gardner and Donald Trump that Colorado will always support our immigrant neighbors.


Mike Johnston

Click here to add your name.

And the other Colorado Democrat I’m curious to see have an impact is a community organizer, Lorena Garcia (D. CO). Based on this e-mail I received from her campaign early last month, she has fully embraced the Green New Deal:

When I entered this race, I did so because I believe we need a new type of leadership – a leadership grounded in collaboration and community. Every win I’ve helped accomplish was because of a commitment to working with a broad-based coalition. These coalitions always included the communities, businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and any other stakeholders these policies would impact.
My commitment to collaborative work continues to guide me in addressing our most pressing issues of today, including climate change and economic opportunity. This is why, as a champion of the Green New Deal, I commit to transitioning smoothly to a green economy based 100% on renewable energy.
A Green New Deal that works for Colorado must do three things:
  • Ensure that businesses have the support necessary to transition to green alternatives;
  • Ensure equity and opportunity for traditionally disenfranchised communities; and
  • Provide a smooth transition for the fossil fuel workforce into the renewable energy workforce.
I have met with numerous communities that rely on the fossil fuel industry. And bringing them into the fold is what will help us pass and implement a successful Green New Deal that will save our planet, increase economic opportunity, and improve our infrastructure.
Join me in making sure we pass and implement a Green New Deal that protects and preserves the dignity of all of us while we shift to a green economy.
Donate Today to make this a reality.
Most sincerely,
Lorena Garcia

Click below to donate and get involved with Romanoff, Johnston and/or Garcia’s campaigns:

Andrew Romanoff

Mike Johnston

Lorena Garcia

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