Yesterday, I highlighted this:

Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) is running a new Facebook ad, touting his close relationship with President Donald Trump.
“We’re asking patriots nationwide to show that they support the pro-growth, conservative agenda that President Trump and I are fighting for ― will you join them? Sign your name now to say ‘thanks’ to President Trump for delivering REAL results on behalf of ALL Americans!” reads the text of the Facebook ad, which also has a little video featuring pictures of Gardner and Trump side-by-side.
But if you’re a voter in Colorado, you probably haven’t seen it.
There are four versions of the ad that began running Monday. According to Facebook data, the ad has been seen the least in Gardner’s own state.

So John Hickenlooper (D. CO) decided to troll Gardner over this:

“This is the ad Cory Gardner doesn’t want Colorado to see. He ran it all across America, but not here. What’s Cory Gardner hiding?” reads the Hickenlooper ad, which then posts the video from the Gardner ad. The ad from the popular former governor is running only in Colorado.

Gardner’s campaign did not return multiple requests for comment from HuffPost last week. But it later told a Colorado Sun reporter that it did not deliberately hide the ad from voters in the state: “Facebook’s algorithms are just optimizing based on people who engage with similar content.”
As Democratic digital strategist Emily Bengtson noted on Twitter, that explanation would seem to be a problem for the Gardner campaign, indicating that the senator was “promoting content which *not a single one of his voters* is engaging with ― kind of a pickle to be in as an incumbent seeking re-election!”

Let’s help Hickenlooper get rid of this doofus and keep Colorado Blue. Click below to donate and get involved with Hickenlooper, Biden and their fellow Colorado Democrats campaigns:

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John Hickenlooper

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