He is so fucked:

With Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner on record as saying nothing about Obamacare since well before the pandemic hit America–and Republicans in Washington pressing their case in the U.S. Supreme Court to have the national health care law overturned–activists stood outside of Gardner’s office in downtown Denver today and asked, “Where’s Gardner now?”

“He is busy helping McConnell appoint right-wing judges who want to get rid of our health care,” said Marie Aberger, with Cut the Strings/Rocky Mountain Values, a progressive advocacy group that organized the event.

Other speakers echoed Aberger’s comments, describing what they see as Gardner’s multi-pronged strategy to kill Obamacare, by voting to repeal it seven times, by backing over a dozen federal judges who want to overturn the health care law, and by implicitly or explicitly backing the Trump Administration’s orders to weaken and undermine the law.

Today, speakers lamented, Gardner is silent as Republicans submit their case to the Supreme Court to overturn the law.

Behind the speakers, participants held a familiar cardboard cutout of Gardner as well as a newly minted cardboard rendition of Sen. Mitch McConnel of Kentucky. Others dressed as judges, who are anti-Obamacare and were backed by Gardner.

Gardner’s most in-depth comment on this lawsuit came last August, when a Hill reporter asked him if he supported it, “That’s the court’s decision,” Gardner responded. “If the Democrats want to stand for an unconstitutional law, I guess that’s their choice.”

And this is the only guy trying to save him:

By the way, here’s the latest news on next’s Tuesday’s Democratic Primary:

John Hickenlooper is well ahead of his primary opponent for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination despite weeks of bad headlines, according to a poll released by Colorado Politics and 9News on Thursday evening.

The SurveyUSA poll — the first in the head-to-head match-up — showed Hickenlooper’s support at 58% and Andrew Romanoff’s at 28%. It questioned 1,417 registered Democratic and unaffiliated voters online from June 19 to 24, and has a 6% credibility interval.

Hickenlooper was urged to run by national Democrats and had been the presumed front-runner. However, he has had to answer for several gaffes in recent weeks and been fined by the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission for two ethics violations as Colorado governor.

Romanoff, a former state House speaker, has run on a more progressive platform than Hickenlooper, supporting Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. He has been criticized by some in the party for attacking a fellow Democrat.

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