What a fucking clown:

Asked if he thinks President Donald Trump ― who disdains notions of virtue on a near daily basis ― is an ethical and moral man, Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) replied in the affirmative.
“Yes,” Gardner said Tuesday during a debate in Colorado’s U.S. Senate race. He added: “I wish he would be more specific in his communications with the American people.”
Gardner’s steadfast defense of Trump stands in sharp contrast to his condemnation of Trump’s morals in October 2016 following the release of the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape. At the time, Gardner said he could not vote for Trump because his flaws went “beyond mere moral shortcomings” and because he showed a “disdain for dignity unbecoming of the presidency.”

Here’s Cory Gardner back in 2016:

Colorado U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner on Saturday said he would not support Donald Trump for president, joining a growing chorus of Republicans who have abandoned the GOP presidential nominee following the release of a 2005 video that shows Trump making vulgar comments about women.

“I will not vote for Donald Trump,” said Gardner in a statement, reversing his decision in August to back the business mogul.

“If Donald Trump wishes to defeat Hillary Clinton, he should do the only thing that will allow us to do so — step aside, and allow Mike Pence to be the Republican party’s nominee. If he fails to do so, I will not vote for Hillary Clinton but will instead write-in my vote for Mike Pence,” he added.

John Hickenlooper (D. CO) is husing Gardner’s own words against him:


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