CO, NC, AZ, IA & MT-Sen: “With Campaigns in Remote Mode, Pandemic Upends Battle for Congress”

The New York Times has a new piece out about how the coronavirus pandemic has been playing a big role not just in the Presidential election but also in down-ballot elections. Specifically in the battle for the U.S. Senate:

Campaign officials and strategists are trying to carefully game out the new reality. The crisis could prove to be a boost for incumbents who have a built-in advantage in providing services to constituents at a time when voters are on edge and in need. But it is also shining a potentially unflattering spotlight on Washington’s response to the pandemic, which could hurt lawmakers who were already facing an uphill climb to re-election.

While awaiting new polling and other information, it is difficult to gauge who stands to gain.

“There are multiple logical scenarios, but it’s too early to know,” said Nathan L. Gonzales, editor of the nonpartisan newsletter Inside Elections. “The response is just getting started and there won’t be enough race-specific data to make a sweeping conclusion for at least a few weeks.”

What is certain is that the Rotary Club lunches, community gatherings, door-knocking and fund-raising receptions that are ordinarily the lifeblood of congressional races are gone for now. They are being replaced with tele-town halls focused on how to contend with the pandemic, virtual fund-raising get-togethers and appeals to contribute not to campaigns, but to nonprofit community groups as incumbents and challengers try to stay relevant in a grim news cycle dominated by a single topic over which they have no control.

The Senate races they reference in the article are Colorado, North Carolina,  Arizona, Iowa, and Montana. As we get through this, we can’t lose sight of the fact that we need to take away Moscow Mitch’s majority. They have been instrumental in enabling Trump and fucking with the stimulus package. So let’s make sure our candidates are ready to go. Click below to donate and get involved with these Democratic campaigns

John Hickenlooper (D. CO)

Cal Cunningham (D. NC)

Mark Kelly (D. AZ)

Theresa Greenfield (D. IA)

Steve Bullock (D. MT)

  • April 5, 2020