CO GOP Rep Dave Williams posts totally legit flyer left behind by “protesters”…


Trumpian Colorado Rep. Dave Williams posted a flyer on his Twitter feed that he claims was found at the Colorado capitol building.  Dave isn’t the sharpest tack in the box. 


The front page is a bit, well, odd, since it reads exactly how a bigoted right-wing person would sound pretending to be someone from the Democratic party. We don’t scream “Democrat” to each other. We don’t call our enemies sub-human—that’s a conservative trait. There isn’t one Democrat who says Death to America or says they don’t want a border—those are right-wing Fox News talking points. I have never heard a protester talk  about killing Republicans, and the picture above does not seem to support that these were violent protests.  Normally at these events, it’s the peaceful protesters who are in danger of getting beaten in Trump’s America.

Another dead giveaway is the homosexual slur on the first page, because even pretending to be a liberal, the right-wing just CAN’T HELP themselves.

If you have any further doubt, look at the back page. It’s a complete straw man litany of what Fox News and Trump supporters say liberals want. It also takes a disgusting swipe at doctors, nurses, and every Democratic organization by saying they endorse this garbage.

Dave Williams could now be the dumbest, most gullible person in Congress. 

And that’s the best case scenario.

— Vetting Bernie (@vetthebern) June 7, 2020

Good question!

How did this guy get elected again?