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CO, AZ & NC-Sen: TPM, “It’s the ‘Moderates’ Who Want The Cover-Up Most of All”

Kudos to Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo for highlighting this:

Much of the commentary about the witnesses question has assumed that there are a half dozen or so so-called Republican moderates up for reelection in November and that the outcome of the trial will be determined by whether members of that group break ranks and call for witnesses. But new reporting suggests that just the opposite is closer to the case.

Here’s a passage from a Journal article from yesterday. The language appears to have been revised and somewhat softened since original publication. But the gist is still there.

Sens. Cory Gardner of Colorado, Martha McSally of Arizona and Thom Tillis of North Carolina, who face competitive races in the fall, addressed their colleagues in the meeting, people familiar with the matter said. Mr. Gardner said a longer trial would lead to more Democratic attacks, according to a spokesman, and Mr. Tillis called impeachment a sham. Ms. McSally’s office said she doesn’t comment on what happens in private meetings.

An administration official said the White House was optimistic it would get the necessary votes by Friday. “We are still in the game,” the official said.

The implication here is pretty clear. The “moderates” up for reelection are the ones who want the trial over as quickly as possible. The longer the trial, the more damaging attacks from Democrats. To the extent there’s any wobbliness it must come from senators who are either not up for reelection this year or in safe seats.

If you live in either of these three states, you should raise Hell and demand them to do their jobs. Click here to contact ¥our Senator.

Also, please do donate and get involved with the Democratic candidate of your choice:

Mark Kelly (D. AZ)

John Hickenlooper (D. CO)

Andrew Romanoff (D. CO)

Cal Cunningham (D. NC)

Erica Smith (D. NC)

Trevor Fuller (D. NC)

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