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CNN's new 'political editor' tied to the shameful Seth Rich conspiracy story

This is craven.

Because Donald Trump twiddles his tweeter thumbs at CNN 24/7, the network has apparently bowed to the “pressure,” hiring a former Trump DOJ official and Republican operative, Sarah Isgur Flores, to oversee its 2020 election coverage.

That’s not a typo. It’s not meant to say “to oversee its quarterly urinal cake acquisition” or some such. No, “2020 election coverage.”

And, naturally, she has no journalism experience because this is 2019 and whythefucknot?

Terrible, right?

Oh, but it gets worse.

Remember Seth Rich? If you watched Fox News for even a minute back in 2017 you do. Rich is the DNC aide who, it was obvious to all watching Fox, was MURDERED by Hillary Clinton’s cabal of, well, MURDERERS.

It was all nonsense, of course, but you already knew that because this conspiracy theory was promoted by Sean Hannity, and everything that comes out of his head is gibberish.

But the pr*sident had a vested interest in promoting the story in order to take heat off himself and distract from the Russia collusion story.

That’s where Isgur Flores comes in.

In a lawsuit filed against Fox, private investigator Rod Wheeler, who was hired to investigate the death, claimed that a Fox reporter who wrote a story about the incident “implied that Rich was killed for leaking internal DNC emails to Wikileaks” and had made up quotes attributed to Wheeler to advance her narrative.

And this is where it gets weird (if anything involving Trump can still reach that threshold, given how inured we are to weirdness these days).

From NBC News:

Wheeler, a former Washington, D.C. detective and sometime Fox News contributor, said he complained to Ed Butowsky, the Trump supporter who hired him to probe the killing of the DNC data analyst, and was told “that is the way the President wanted the article.”

“The motivation” for the Rich article was to divert attention away from the ongoing Russia investigation and “help put to bed speculation that President Trump colluded with Russia in an attempt to influence the outcome of the Presidential election,” Wheeler said in his federal lawsuit, which was filed in the Southern District of New York.

“[Fox reporter Malia] Zimmerman, Butowsky and Fox had created fake news to advance President Trump’s agenda,” the suit states. “Mr. Wheeler was subsequently forced to correct the false record and, as a result, lost all credibility in the eyes of the public.”

And Isgur Flores’ role? It wasn’t as innocent bystander:

Butowsky was also in “regular contact” with White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon and Department of Justice spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores “regarding his efforts relating to Seth Rich,” the suit states.

So CNN’s new 2020 election maven was apparently involved in skewing news coverage to protect the pr*sident and smear the Democrats with an obviously B.S. story about an unsolved murder.

Here’s a hint, CNN: You might want to change your mind about this.


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