CNN Tapper pressures Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves on Trump election conspiracy theory, FAIL!

CNN Tapper pressures Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves on Trump election conspiracy theory, FAIL!

Politicians like Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves are responsible for implicitly continuing Trump’s Big Lie. We must hold them accountable.

Governor Tate Reeves and Trump’s BIG LIE

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Jake Tapper said that after he heard Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves‘s response to a colleague about President Biden’s election’s legitimacy, he wanted some confirmation. He asked the governor if he believes President Biden was elected legitimately.

Governor Reeves refused to give a straight and cohesive answer as he implied that mailing voting was suspect. Jake Tapper was justifiably infuriated.

“There are lots of states that Trump won where there’s mail-in voting, including Florida, including Ohio, including Utah,” Tapper said exasperatedly. “I hear you saying Joe Biden is the president. I do not hear you saying he was legitimately elected. FBI Director Chris Wray, former Attorney General Bill Barr have both stated there was no widespread voter fraud, none that could have affected the outcome of the November election. Republican after Republican, Ducey in Arizona, Kemp in Georgia, your colleagues, judge after judge, have rejected this — rejected this argument.”

And then Tapper laid out the reality. The Governor’s vacillating answer is dangerous and is partially responsible for unpatriotic seditious insurrection on the Capitol on January 6th.

“This is a dangerous conspiracy theory that tens of millions of people believe,” Tapper said. “It inspired a domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol. Yes or no, do you accept that the 2020 presidential election was free and fair? Obviously, every election has some questions, but I’m talking about free and fair, legitimately elected Joe Biden. Yes or no?”

The best the governor would say is that President Joe Biden was duly elected. These guys should be ashamed of themselves.”

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  • March 8, 2021