CNN panelist shocked at maskless Trump supporters' statements at rally. It puts Trump in a new light

Donald Trump supporters may be less the supporters we believe they are. He may just be the surfboarder riding a wave of “unknown” origin.

Trump supporters?

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CNN’s Jim Acosta interviewed several Trump supporters at his most recent rally. To many, their reasons for not wearing masks seem nuts. And in the real world, they are. But there are many forces working on them.

One says he does not wear a mask because he has a problem understanding those wearing masks. Don’t ask about the reasoning here!

The last person just did not care. He wanted the freedom to die by COVID if that is what it takes to not feel quarantined.

But it was the second person that really was revealing. He claims that the virus is a hoax. When Jim Acosta told him that even the president admits it is real and deadly, the Trump supporter said that was the president’s opinion. He then went on to give the false CDC info claiming that only 10% of the reported dead is really from COVID-19.

For those of us who classify those following Trump as his sycophants, I think we may need to reevaluate. Trump is just the focal point for messages of conspiracies to control those who are susceptible to the con. He is just riding the wave. It is clear why Trump always continues to appease these people at all costs. Any attempt at normalcy (non-conspiratorial policies) will lose him his base en masse.

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