CNN host zings Georgia Republican election hero trying to pose a false equivalence with Democrats

Georgia Republican election hero Gabriel Sterling went to form as he tried the false equivalence between Trump & Democrats. CNN's Ana Cabrera shut him down.

Ana Cabrera stops Gabriel Sterling’s false equivalence cold.

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Gabriel Sterling shocked America as this Republican came out and rebuked the president and Georgia’s two incumbent senators for not speaking out against the 2020 election employees' threats. Many may believe he is inoculated from the disease afflicting many Republicans, a certain kind of Trump sycophancy and disdain for the truth and reality.

Sterling was about to revert to form until CNN Host Ana Cabrera stopped him cold. She did it respectfully but assertively.

“But in the situation, we are in right now,” Gabriel Sterling said. “He is not acting as a responsible leader on this front. But it goes back to the people before. The people who were claiming that Hillary was cheated. It is all sides, all things. This is the flavor of the moment.”

Ana Cabrera would not let that stand.

“It is not the same thing,” Cabrera interjected in. “It is not the same thing. He is the president of the United States.”

“Oh, no. I am not going to argue that point,” Sterling backed down. “He has a higher level of responsibility and should be held to a higher account, in my opinion.”

And that is how you nip false narratives in the bud before it gets any kind of legs. Great job Ms. Ana Cabrera.

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  • December 5, 2020