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CNN Host to GOP hack: As a white Republican, you're not scared of white-armed Trump supporters

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CNN panelist Van Jones slammed Trump for riling up his base to react to the election. Anderson Cooper ridiculed Rick Santorum's response.

CNN host ridiculed GOP hack

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Van Jones made the point that something was awry when the president Trump send subliminal messages to off-the-rail Right-Wingers to incite some action. Jones said it was dangerous for Trump to throw matches on that pile. Rick Santorum took exception.

“With all due respect,” Rick Santorum said. “If Donald Trump would be ahead right now –they boarded up places in New York City not to keep Donald Trump supporters from looting. Okay? Let's just be real, Van.”

Jones pointed out that while Trump edges his supporters on, Biden does not do that. Santorum then made the ridiculous statement that he does not see Republicans burning down buildings. It is a known fact that the Right Wing infiltrators of several of the protests destroyed properties.

Anderson Cooper did not let Rick Santorum get away with the silly statement.

“Really? Those caravans of armed Trump folks driving around in big trucks blocking traffic,” Anderson Cooper said. “That's not a concern?”

Santorum had no real comeback. So Anderson continued with a necessary observation.

“As a white Republican, you're not scared about like white-armed Trump supporters,” Cooper said. “… The president likes it when they show up.”

Without saying much out loud, Cooper exposed the hypocrisy. He did it without saying the word.

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