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CNN commentator boils debate down to three simple (closely related) points

Oh, hey, guys! I just woke up. Say, is tonight the night Donald Trump finally became president?


Okay, just joshing. I watched it. And nothing I can say about it will be as good as this, from CNN political contributor Van Jones:



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VAN JONES: “Only three things happened for me tonight. No. 1, Donald Trump refused to condemn white supremacy. No. 2, the president of the United States refused to condemn white supremacy. No 3., the commander in chief refused to condemn white supremacy on the global stage, in front of my children, in front of everybody’s families, and he was given the opportunity multiple times to condemn white supremacy. And he gave a wink and a nod to a racist, Nazi, murderous organization that is now celebrating online, that is now saying, ‘We have a go-ahead.’ Look at what … the Proud Boys are doing right now online because the president of the United States refused to condemn white supremacy. That’s the only thing that happened tonight.”

Damn straight.

Seriously. That was fucking insane. Excuse me while I sandblast my eyeholes.

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