CNN: Biden up by 5 in FL 4 in AZ, 12 in MI

CNN story here and it contains links to details of each state’s polls

Registered voters, conducted by SSRS, a B+ pollster with a 1.2% Dem lean, according to 538

A few things to note.

Margins:  FL 51-46,  AZ 49-45,  MI 52-40

Trumpo underwater in approval in all 23 states, with the percentage of voters disapproving as follows:

MI: 57   AZ: 54   FL: 51

on issues, showing percent disapproving

handling of Corona virus, disapproval:

AZ: 60    MI: 59   FL: 57

Racial inequality:

AZ: 59    MI: 59    FL: 57

Trump does better on economy, with more approving than disapproving in FL and AZ, and trailing by 2 (47-49)  in MI

And I quote this:

In Arizona and Florida, both areas where coronavirus infections have spread rapidly in recent weeks, majorities (57% in Arizona, 64% in Florida) believe the worst of the outbreak is yet to come. In both states, more than 7 in 10 voters who say the worst is ahead back Biden for president. In Michigan, a narrow majority says the worst is behind them (51%).

There are differences in margins from other recent polls, but the trend is consistent, as are the facts that the President is in trouble in the two key issues  (remember, people think addressing the virus is more important than the economy) and not doing that strongly on the economy.

Make of this what you will.