The CNBC/Change Research Poll shows Joe Biden with the support of 54% of likely voters compared to 41% for Trump. Only 29% of voters thought Trump performed better in the first debated compared to 53% for Biden.

Still, the debate doesn’t appear to have had a significant impact on the state of the presidential race. Only 2 percent of respondents said that it changed how they will vote, while 98 percent said it would not.

In the poll’s previous survey on September 23, Biden had a 9% lead, 51% to 42%, so this survey represents a considerable improvement.…

The website 538 now gives Biden a national lead of 7.9%.  CNBC/Change Research is rated as a C- pollster  by 538 so we may want confirmation from polls with better methodology to see how the debate, Trump’s taxes, and other events are playing out.

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