Claire McCaskill Is Correct: ALL Power For Calling Witnesses In Trump Trial RESTS With Republicans.

I don’t agree with former Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill on a lot of things, but she was absolutely 100% correct on this score:  Republicans have all the power when it comes to calling witnesses in the sham impeachment trial of Trump.  McCaskill said the Media and even Democrats are falling into this narrative trap that somehow the calling of witnesses is up to Republicans making a deal with the Democrats.  She did the math.  Senate Republicans have 53 votes.  Republicans can subpeona anyone they want with a simple majority vote.  Democrats cannot do a damn thing.

End of story.

If Republicans want to call Hunter and Joe Biden, they have the political power to do so.  Want to get Adam Schiff?  Go ahead Republicans.  Subpeona Schiff.  What are you waiting for?

Oh.  That’s right.  McCaskill pointed out that Republicans want to “hide behind supposed fairness” while committing a sham trial.  A vast majority of Americans want to see witnesses during the trial.  Republicans want no witnesses.  Therefore, throw up a phony “fairness” argument on why they want to call Hunter Biden, but Republicans do not have the balls to pay the political price for calling Hunter Biden for a clown show, especially when they shit all over the Democrats and their calls for Bolton, Mulvaney, and Pompeo.

It’s difficult to be seen as being fair when you tie the other guys hands behind his back and start punching him in the face. 

I think Democrats need to stress this to the idiots in the Media.

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