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Cindy Hyde-Smith attended 'segregation academy' to avoid newly integrated schools

The Jackson Free Press has published a blockbuster story about the Republicans’ too-racist-even-for-Mississippi Senate candidate Cindy Hyde-Smith.

Seems she comes by her antebellum attitudes about race at least in part via her secondary-school education.

The paper reports that Hyde-Smith attended a “segregation academy” whose primary purpose was to allow students to avoid mingling with African-Americans.

From The Jackson Free Press:

U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith attended and graduated from a segregation academy that was set up so that white parents could avoid having to send their children to schools with black students, a yearbook reveals.

A group photo in the 1975 edition of The Rebel—the Lawrence County Academy Yearbook—illustrates the point. High-school cheerleaders smile at the camera as they lie on the ground in front of their pom-poms, fists supporting their heads. In the center, the mascot, dressed in what appears to be an outfit designed to mimic that of a Confederate general, offers a salute as she holds up a large Confederate flag.

Third from the right on the ground is a sophomore girl with short hair, identified in the caption as Cindy Hyde.

Okay, so she went to a racist school. Her parents sent her there, presumably. That doesn’t mean she knew what she was do …

Former Mississippi Democratic Party Chairman Rickey Cole, who knew Hyde-Smith when she was a Democratic state senator before she became Republican in 2010 to run for state agriculture commissioner, said Hyde-Smith would have known why she was at a school like Lawrence County Academy.

“When the public schools in Mississippi were ordered desegregated, many thousands of white families cobbled together what they could laughingly call a school to send their children to for no other reason except they didn’t want them to be around n-words or to be treated or behave as equal to black people,” Cole said.

Yeah, okay. Fair enough.

Mississippi, if you want to move on from ugly, institutional racism of your past (and I know you do — right? right?), you need to move on from fossils like Cindy Hyde-Smith.

Were it not for her recent comments, one might be inclined to give her a pass on this. But she’s given no indication that she’s become any less benighted as she’s matured.

We can still win this seat!

Go Mike Espy.

And if you live in Mississippi, for the love of God, #vote.


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