Chuck Todd used his Meet The Press opening to show the dire straits our country is in right now. He made it clear that it is a failure of Trump’s government that is responsible.

Trump’s failure created the falling dominos

Chuck Todd first illustrates the level of death Americans are enduring with this pandemic. It is about to bypass the Vietnam war this week.

“To give you some perspective on how devastating the coronavirus has been, consider this,” Chuck Todd said. “There have now been 900,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U-S with 53,000 deaths. Look at that number of deaths for a moment. Sometime this week. we’re likely to pass the 58,000 lives we lost in Vietnam. That death tolls took us more than a decade, this has taken us about 12 weeks.”

Todd then points out an inconvenient truth.

“In the past seven days, at least 17 states and Washington D.C. have registered their highest-ever one-day total of coronavirus case,” Chuck continued, ” The national curve may be flattening, but it’s flattening at a very high level. What’s now clear is that we as a country particularly at the government level have failed to meet the moment. There’s not enough testing to understand the challenge we’re confronting.”

The problem is that if the national curve of infection is flattening at a high number, it means there will be a steady-state high number of deaths as well as relatively high hospital utilization. This does not bode well for insurance rates and one’s personal economy as many who get sick will be thrown into bankruptcy.

Todd then pointed out that even as 26 million people joined the ranks of the unemployed, money is not getting to small business. Of course, corporations continue to take.

“26 million people so far have filed for unemployment, wiping out the gains made since the 2008 financial crisis,” Todd said. “Money is not getting to the small businesses that need it to survive.”

“And the President of the United States is floating ideas like injecting disinfectants into sick patients,” said Todd not forgetting to highlight the ineptitude of the president.

Todd then points out that governors are having to take the well-being of Americans into their own hands as they have perilous decisions to make, to allow more people back to work or not.

“It’s against this backdrop that some of the nation’s governors are taking the risky step of opening their states for business,” Todd said. “Behind that decision is a brutal calculation, that the unemployment, the hunger, the depression and the social dislocations of a stalled economy are worse than the certainty of an even more — larger death toll from COVID-19 as businesses reopen. Health care experts acknowledge the necessity of getting people back to work, but warn that moving too early could invite a second wave, with disastrous consequences.”

And then, of course, it is clear the presidential madness is the realization that he is in trouble for the 2020 election.

“Meanwhile, President Trump, eyeing the election in November,” Todd said. “is grasping at any idea to stop the virus and get the economy back on track quickly.”

One hopes that the media keeps the pressure on. Most importantly they need to give better context.

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