My blood started to boil as I listened to Biden, at one time the chosen one, denigrate Sanders, Warren, & Medicare for All, a policy that makes life better for every American. Centrists using Republican narratives & lies are a problem.

Why Biden will lose and M4A opponents should too

Please watch the entire video and please share this post. What Biden did in the interview proves why he is unlikely to get the nomination. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE so we can get more penetration with our video as the mainstream media is in overdrive as they misinform.

Three important points I want to clear up from the interview.

  • Biden said Bernie Sanders has accomplished nothing which sort of astonished Chuck Todd. He claimed that because Biden has been fighting for Medicare for All for so long unsuccessfully, he accomplished nothing. Of course, Bernie and others' persistence has increased people's knowledge and polling. Biden calling the policy fanciful shows his disregard for what the current health care system is doing to Americans and how little he really cares.
  • Biden talked about the Culinary Union members would lose the benefits they negotiated for if Medicare for All were passed. He failed to inform that the decoupling of healthcare from wages ensures employers cannot use healthcare as an answer to stagnant wages. In other words, employees will do better as employers can no longer hide their greed.
  • When it comes to cost, it is impossible that a private health insurance system can be more efficient or less expensive than a single payer Medicare for all system all else being equal. The thing is we have data from other countries as well as several studies. Common Dreams recently wrote about yet another study that confirms Medicare for All would save billions of dollars every year. ” Sen. Bernie Sanders on Saturday applauded a new study published today by a team of epidemiologists in the peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet, which found that Medicare for All will save Americans $450 billion and prevent 68,000 unnecessary deaths each and every year. “

Let's be clear, we know what the best solution is. The problem is that too many have the interests of our plutocracy at hand instead of that of the American people

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