Chuck Todd to GOP hack: Congress is part of the government too!

Today's segment on Meet The Press illustrates a technique that uses the media to dismiss administration wrongdoing. Chuck Todd called it out however timidly.

Chuck Todd called out GOP hack Hugh Hewitt but …

Chuck Todd asked if there was anyone left in the administration who could control the president’s paraphrased, “wrongdoings.” The reporters said there wasn't. Of course, GOP hack had likely the most ludicrous statement as he said the current team is the best one this president has had. Does he not realize that statement diminishes his credibility?

But the worse was yet to come. He implied that the president did not break the law by withholding Ukraine funding. When confronted with the report that the GAO said what the administration did was illegal, he dismissed it. Chuck Todd reminded him that Congress is the one that writes laws.

Reporters, activists, and pundits cannot be passive by allowing the administration's hacks to get away with a technique that gives the impression to the viewers that the possibility exists that just maybe the President's wrongdoing is up for debate. It isn't so. The President broke the law and there must be no ambiguity. They should interrupt always and make that clear.

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