Chuck Todd to anti-mandate rambling governor: What about the freedom of those who got vaccinated?

Governor Asa Hutchison (R-AR) replied to Chuck Todd with bumblingly silly answers to his mandates objection.

Chuck Todd turned the Governor into a bumbling being

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Chuck Todd started the interview by soft balling Governor Asa Hutchinson. He told the governor he is in a difficult space since he believes in the vaccine but does not support vaccine mandates. Todd asked the governor if mandates are not all that is left.

Voluntary vaccination is not working. Gullible Americans fall for lies, conspiracy theories, and the misuse and misinterpretation of statistical data. The only option left is, in fact, a mandate. The governor gave a senseless bumbling answer. After giving a long, convoluted answer, he said this.

“We're not going to increase vaccination rates by more mandates from the government,” Hutchinson said. “We're going to have to build confidence in our communities. This reverses that strategy.”

If seeing emergency rooms filled with dying unvaccinated people has not already built confidence, nothing will. As such, mandates are the only option.

An exasperated Chuck Todd insinuated it was time to stop coddling the unvaccinated.

“It does feel as if our entire political rhetoric has been about accommodating the unvaccinated.” Chuck Todd said. “What about the folks that have done the right thing, and they're still at risk? Their freedoms are being denied here!”

It is time to stop coddling the unvaccinated. They are equivalent to a mad person roaming the street with a loaded gun that cannot control and randomly kill others. The unvaccinated are killing us all, even if it is mostly them.

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  • September 10, 2021