Chuck Todd strikes again: He busts RNC’s chair BS justification for Trump’s COVID-19 failure.

Chuck Todd interviewed RNC chair, Ronna Romney McDaniel, about Trump's COVID-19 failure. He did not let her get away with the hypocritical spin.

Chuck Todd took countered her spin

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Two times in one program, Chuck Todd performed journalism for a change. While he continued to give Republicans too much latitude to lie, he at least pushed back on the discernible lies.

Todd began the program with the destruction of the president as he systematically exposed his many COVID-19 lies and deceptions. He then interviewed RNC chair, Ronna Romney McDaniel. He charged back at many of her lies as she tried to defend the president. Ironically, McDaniel would be the one to support Trump even as her uncle, Mitt Romney, expresses disdain for the president.

When McDaniel implies that history would be kind to Trump's handling of COVID-19, Todd went through a litany of his failures. When she suggested that Trump supported the wearing of masks, Todd interrupted her to set the record straight. He reminded her that Republicans, in following Trump's lead, wear masks less frequently than both Democrats and Independents.

Chuck got to a critical point frequently ignored today. America accounts for 25% of the world's COVID-19 deaths. That is worse than any industrialized nation. In other words, you cannot call a failure a success.

The coup de grace was something McDaniel ran right into inadvertently. Trump likes to accuse the World Health Organization for holding back information. At the same time, Trump and his cabal are saying it was OK not only to withhold information but to lie.

“You just said that the WHO didn’t warn, didn't do enough to warn the world of a pandemic,” Chuck Todd said. “The president of the United States has admitted that he's purposely downplaying the severity of this virus to not panic the public. Both of your statements can't be true.”


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