Chuck Todd spines up as he scolds GOP Trump enabling Senator

Every so often, Chuck Todd surprises us all. He did not allow Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) to get away with the false equivalence between Trump & Abrams.

Chuck Todd pushed back on a Republican?

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Rarely if ever, have I seen Chuck Todd push back on a Republican Senator as he did to Lamar Alexander. As soon as they give a pushback, he generally backs off. He did not do that this time.

Todd asked Alexander if he does not believe it is time for Republicans to accept Joe Biden as President-elect. After a few meandering exchanges and words, Todd got a bit more forceful.

All right,” Chuck Todd said.  “I don't remember these same comments four years ago, on ‘Hillary Clinton should get more time’ and all of this stuff. I mean, do you see why it looks like a double standard?”

Alexander attempted to use Stacey Abrams, the Georgia Democratic Gubernatorial candidate, as a false equivalent.

Well, what about Stacey Abrams' concession speech?” Alexander asked. “Have you found it yet?”

After a few backs and forth, Todd got stern.

”Look, I'm not here to talk about Stacey Abrams,” Todd said. “I'm not covering that race, and that’s her decision.”

That tone continued. It has been tiring watching too many of the Sunday morning hosts giving these enablers much latitude. This was not typical Todd, but it was sure refreshing.

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  • December 14, 2020