Chuck Todd scolded Trump's Secretary of Health and Human Services for spinning Trump's administration's irresponsible face mask example.

Chuck Todd scolds Alex Azar

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Chuck Todd did fairly well today as he interrogated Secretary of Health and Human Resources Alex Azar. Even as he could have been tougher he exposed the administration for what it is, an irresponsible enterprise.

People can infer that the Trump administration's policies are not working based on the long extension of the current COVID-19 first wave. America is likely understanding from the mainstream media's change in narrative, a recently developed bit of toughness, that Donald Trump and his incompetent cabal have caused and is causing the deaths of thousands of Americans.

Todd played a piece where Governor Asa Hutchinson (R-AR) said that what would be helpful if there was “a consistent national message supporting the importance of wearing a mask and social distancing. Make sure everyone understands the importance of it.”

Chuck Todd through Azar a bone. He commended him for suggesting that Americans wear masks. He then asked him if he suggested that the president do the same.

Azar gave a convoluted answer. He skipped around any messaging he may have given the president. Chuck Todd would have none of it.

“What you just articulated, Mr. Secretary is do as I say not as I do,” Chuck Todd said forcefully. “The President holding indoor rallies twice in the last ten days, once in a state that is seeing, a potential of an out of control spread in Arizona. He doesn't talk about wearing a mask. And you avoided my question about whether you've asked the president to at least ask the country to wear a mask. Just because you put guidelines under his name when he doesn't do it his people don't listen.”

Take that Mr. Azar. I bet you did not think it would be Chuck Todd who scolded you.

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