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Chuck Todd & MTP panel entertained a Bernie Sanders win?


Chuck Todd and his Meet The Press panel had a cogent discussion where they pointed out a rationale for a Bernie Sanders win based on Hillary and Obama.

Is Chuck Todd entertaining a Bernie Sanders win?

Chuck Todd pointed out that the poll in Iowa shows Bernie Sanders leading. He implied they were all within the margin of error. Actually, the separation between Biden and Sanders was outside the margin of error.

The New Hampshire poll, however, showed it well inside the poll's margin for Biden and Sanders. All told, both polls show Sanders in a better position going into those contests.

It is clear the MTP panel understands that the candidate that wins Iowa will ultimately change the electability debate and as “reputable” news agencies, they must cover their bases. They even made it clear that Sanders' supporters are so attached to their candidate that the time taken to handle Trump's impeachment in the Senate may have minimal impact on their numbers.

The exchange with Andrea Mitchell at the end of the clip is probative. It is one that many Bernie Sanders supporters and others have entertained for some time. But to hear it from a panel that is normally hostile to the Sanders candidacy, many times by omission or misrepresentations, ought to turn the heads of many.

“Andrea, think about this stat that I like to remind people,” said Chuck Todd. “John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama are the last three Democratic nominees. Two voted for the Iraq war. One didn't. Which one won the presidency, and which two lost?”

“That was what I was saying exactly about Bernie,” Andrea Mitchell said. ” Barack Obama was, you know, the senator from Illinois, the Illinois state senator who came out against the Iraq war. And that is what really propelled him in Iowa. And Iowa propelled him through the next primaries to come.”

The reality is, a Bernie Sanders win is by no means a forgone conclusion. But with the media covering the possibility, it makes it more plausible to those who may be withholding their vote believing it would simply be wishful thinking.