Chuck Todd meticulously destroys the Republican Party. They’ll implode, or the country will.

Chuck Todd meticulously destroys the Republican Party. They'll implode or the country will.

In a perfect deconstruction of their bad acts, Chuck Todd decimated the Republican Party and then made a prescient statement.

Chuck Todd surprisingly gets it here

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Many give Chuck Todd a hard time because he gives too much deference to Republicans more often than not. He allows a false equivalence to gain traction.

In his monologue today, he was nothing less than impressive as he gave his critique of the Republican Party. He meticulously deconstructed its state in no uncertain terms.

Chuck pointed out that Liz Chaney was losing her leadership position because, unlike other Republicans, she chose to tell the truth. Todd said that worse is how they are throwing her out of her leadership role. They are spinning a message that she is out of step with the Republican Party. In other words, one must be a liar; one must accept the big lie stating that Donald Trump won the election.

Chuck Todd even called out Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis for signing a voter suppression bill live on an exclusive Fox News event. He called it a bizarre Fox & Friends spectacle.

Todd did not forget that the other voter suppression battle was occurring in Texas. That state is trying to pass more voter suppression bills than any other state.

“What’s left of the Conservative Movement that was once based on principles and democracy I completely being snuffed out,” Chuck Todd said. ““Liz Cheney, it feels like she was the last flickering light among the elected Republican leadership. And today, the light has been snuffed out.”

Chuck went on to call the party out on much more. But he ends with a prescient statement.

“They are all in on Trump’s crusade against the foundation of our democracy,” Todd said. “And they are marching right along. This looks increasingly dire. This ends either with the GOP imploding or worse, the country.”

We give credit where and when it is due. Very good job, Chuck Todd.

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  • May 7, 2021