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Chuck Todd mercilessly slams Trump before COVID press conference

One knows a president has lost all respect and credibility when his press conference is prefaced by Chuck Todd preempting the lies he is expected to tell.

Chuck Todd, where was this reporting before?

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The segment started with all the asinine statements made by the president on the coronavirus. It includes clips where he asked about injecting disinfectants into people.

Chuck Todd made it clear that the president was conduction a press conference not to give legitimate updates on the COVID-19 pandemic or the direction going forward but because his polls are down.

“Folks we can't emphasize this strongly enough,” Chuck Todd said. “It isn't a public health emergency that's bringing the president back to the White House briefing room at 5 p.m today. It is a political emergency due to declining poll numbers. So with that said we're going to bring you the president's remarks as soon as they begin as the US reels from a record-setting surge in virus cases over these last few weeks'

Todd then gave a reality-based assessment of the current state of the pandemic in America without presidential spin.

“Hospitalizations are approaching record levels,” Todd said. “Deaths have surpassed 140,000 as local communities scramble for the resources they need. And as the economy faces a historic and now prolonged crisis, we're gonna make sure to bring you the proper context of these presidential remarks. And we will be fact-checking his comments in real-time if we find it necessary.”

Todd then pointed out that the president has been lying and misleading and as such he will fact-check in real-time.

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“The president has tried to downplay the severity of this crisis,” Todd said. “He's repeatedly made a number of misleading claims that are refuted simply by the data on your screen. And we will be putting up that data when necessary as he may repeat some of these claims again.”

And lastly, Todd refuted the current lies the president has been stating.

“So let's be clear. The surging cases cannot be explained away by an increase in testing,” Tod said. “The surge in hospitalizations proves that this virus is a serious health risk. And the rise in deaths is only expected to get worse.”

The mainstream media seem to be trying hard to atone. Unfortunately, much damage has already been done as the president has gained plausibility to the less politically savvy.

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