Chuck Todd gets Trump's COVID response in the gravest terms to date. This must continue because …

Chuck Todd has been covering the pandemic and Republican failures in a more realistic manner. Americans need this for several reasons.

Chuck Todd did well with the characterization here.

See full episodes here.

America is in trouble. Many Americans are behind on their rents, mortgages, and other bills. Many are unable to eat. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbates many Americans' plights, though the economy's defects would have become evident nonetheless.

I often mention that Americans are good at suffering in silence. Likewise, because so many are wedded to ideology above and beyond their reality, collective change can be difficult.

Many are made to believe that they are the problem. So as they are in dire straits financially, many internalize it as a personal failure instead of America's systemic failure. How can that be?

We have a media that pushes a caustic state of happiness. Even drugs for consequential ailments are sold with happy talk. We have the president who can look one in the eyes and tell them the economy is the best with the strongest growth ever. While most of his supporters are unlikely to see it, they live the dream vicariously through the false hope that a good fortune will come through.

Our mainstream media seldom describe the desolate state too many of our brothers and sisters must live with every day. Their coverage too often has us inferring that things are much better than they are, and as such, our growth is stunted.

And that is the importance of the report Chuck Todd gave in the clip in this post. He pointed out the gravity and genesis of our pathetic state. Most importantly, he made it clear that Donald Trump and his government were derelict. And he never let up with the narrative. Why? Because the media do not fear the lame-duck Infantile-President-In–Chief.

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