Chuck Todd gets rolled by the Republican Senator allowing the justification of voter suppression.

Chuck Todd gets rolled by the Republican Senator allowing the justification of voter suppression.

Sadly, once again, Chuck Todd allowed a Republican to visit his show to fool Americans. Senator Toomey made voter suppression OK.

Chuck Todd allowed Toomey to mislead Americans

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Many ask if it is worth covering many of the Sunday morning news shows and White House press conferences. The answer is simple. It is imperative. The coverage by the mainstream media too often is driven by peer pressure.

Thousands of Americans are still dying from COVID-19. Millions of Americans cannot pay their rents or mortgages. Millions remain out of jobs and will be permanently given an economic structure that will change. Yet, reporters asked none of those pertinent questions. Instead, it was like a room filled with Fox News journalists asking questions about a faux border crisis (this is cyclical and more extensive because of weather and other factors) and whether the president will run again. Even WaPo’s Conservative columnist Jenniffer Rubin knocked the MSM’s irresponsibility as she defended President Joe Biden.

I thought Chuck Todd would do a better job as he interviewed Senator Pat Toomey. After all, his coverage against the Georgia draconian voter suppression law has been fair early in the week.

Unfortunately, Chuck Todd got rolled completely. He allowed Toomey to paint the Georgia law as reasonable and rational. He allowed him to parrot the message that there is some doubt in the election’s integrity based on Trump’s big lie.

Chuck Todd should have challenged him as follows.

  • Republicans conducted the most recent voter fraud.
  • Making it a crime to give water or food to long lines created by Republican design is voter suppression.
  • Shortening the time to vote, which affects working Americans, is voter suppression.
  • Giving the legislature authority to overturn an election in any district is voter suppression.

There are many more. The fact is, he asked none. Please watch the clip and tell me what you think. And please remember to share. We have got to set the correct narrative.

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  • March 28, 2021
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