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Chuck Todd gets his payola

This will be a short diary because — I just can’t. Remember two days ago when people were upset at Chuck Todd when waded in to the whole “concentration camp” pandemonium?” I know it seems like so long ago. Since then we have had a demagogic rally, we almost got in to a World War, except we did not, the press who Sarah Sanders has been lying to and abusing has decided to hold her a going away party at an exclusive D.C. restaurant (look up codependent in the dictionary and you will find a picture of the D.C. press corps). But it happened. Chuck Todd wades in to this faux controversy on the side of Liz Cheney and Kevin McCarthy. People were infuriated. Now we I hear on MSNBC Chuck has an exclusive oval office interview with Trump (which will get no ratings but the D.C. press corps is so unaware they will probably toast him as a great journalist at the Sander fete). I swear it is no different from the Payola scandals of the 1950s and 60s. Chuck and Maggie and others do their little favors for the Trumpistas and then they get their rewards. At least the disc jockeys from the payola days knew what good music was, they just wanted to be paid for playing it. Chuck Todd? Oh man.

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