Chuck Todd did not pull any punches as he chronologically excoriated the President at the opening of Meet The Press for an incompetent pandemic response.

Chuck Todd slams Trump hard at the opening

While Chuck Todd did a great job, one wishes he had delved a bit deeper to illustrate that some of the mismanagement is by design. Out of the chaos comes a profit motive.

As was pointed out in a recent piece.

Rachel Maddow used a CBS-acquired video of a call between the Trump team and governors where he made light of their request that he nationalize the supply chain to point out the president's lack of real concern. Later she would point out that the private sector was exporting needed medical supplies.

In the most recent press conference, the administration's sycophants put into words what many have been stating for weeks. In effect, the president is war profiteering.

So let's be clear, two things need not be mutually exclusive. The President and his team are incompetent. He is surrounded by sycophants. And, out of incompetence real and manufactured comes the profiteering of the benefactors of the president.

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