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Chuck Todd dismissing journalist's statement on Trump shows the media complicity

Joshua Johnson, of PBS 1A fame, appeared on Meet The Press with Chuck Todd. He is the kind of guy that should be running a show like MTP. Todd's reaction to a story he told about a man in Michigan illustrates the nature of our media.

Chuck Todd is at it again.

Mr. Johnson interviewed a business owner in Michigan. The man has a manufacturing business, specifically a roofing company.

Joshua asked the man how has President Trump been for his prosperity. Business is very good for the man as he is building like crazy. He said Trump has been good for his business.

Joshua then asked the man if he would do business with the president. The man's reply was fascinating. He said he would get half of his money first. In other words, he knows that even as business is good and for that, he may be giving Trump some credit, he would want to be paid first to be sure the president does not stiff him.

One would think Todd would elaborate on that since the subject of poll numbers was on the table throughout the discussion. But all we got was a very nervous giggle. Chuck Todd moved on to the next subject as fast as he could.

This is the good old boy network at its best. No elaboration on malfeasance to the necessary degree on this president is ever explored with the seriousness it should.

Had this been Obama one would expect Chuck Todd to go into a soliloquy likely asking the rhetorical question, “What does it mean when a U.S. Citizen believes the president is a thief who cannot be trusted?”

As I watched the piece I had to back it up twice to really see if the timidity I first read was real. It was more than timidity. It was complicity.

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