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Chuck Todd challenged Trump’s spokesman about the number of crooks who worked for him

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Chuck Todd shocked Trump's spokesman by pointing out that a lot of people who worked closely with the president have been convicted.

Watch the full episode here.

Here is the exchange.

Chuck Todd: I want to put up this image here. Quite a few people who were involved in the Trump campaign in 2016 have had some issues with the law. Indictments, convictions. You know — some of these folks you worked with quite closely. Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Cohen, Roger Stone, all people involved with this 2016 campaign team, in some way or another found themselves on the wrong side of the law. Why shouldn't voters look at this and say, “The president seems to surround himself with people with, with shady instincts”?

Jason Miller: I'd disagree on that. I think you take a look at the great people that President Trump has surrounded himself with. Some of the brilliant women and some of the brilliant leaders that we have within this administration, some of our Cabinet members. And I would say that overall the president has had a very good track record of hiring excellent people. There are a number of folks on that list that you pointed out there, Chuck, who have made some serious mistakes in their life. They had nothing to do with President Trump. And they're going to have to be accountable for all of that. But when you take a look at the president and the people that he's brought on board, take a look at his senior staff there at the White House, whether it be Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, whether it be Kellyanne Conway. I look at people like Jeron Smith and Stephen Miller. These are some really solid people who I think work very hard for the American people every day. I'm proud to call them teammates in this broader pro-Trump effort.
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Is it cognitive dissonance? Is it a severe case of willful ignorance? It is hard to believe that the president's spokesman is oblivious to reality.

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