Every time Chuck Todd is about to go over the brink to full-throated journalism, he pulls back. Lose the false equivalence implied or otherwise.

Chuck Todd almost got it.

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In a recent Meet The Press Daily, Chuck Todd almost did it. It seemed he would stop the whataboutism, false equivalence, or the acquiescence to Republicans. He almost got there but he just could not.

“We are in the midst of what is a catastrophic failure of leadership in this country,” Todd said. “There's no other way to say it. We're running out of adjectives to describe it. In the past 24 hours, the twin crises we opened the show with yesterday, the historic threat to our public health, and the historic threat to our own democracy have sadly both gotten worse in the last 24 hours. And it's because of a failure of leadership massively. So that begins with the person who calls himself president. And that's Donald John Trump. More than 293,000 Americans have died since February. More than fourteen thousand of them in the last week alone. And this president continues to show no leadership.”

Good so far. And then this.

“In the midst of these emergencies gripping the country right now,” Todd said. “The lone bright spot is coming not from the White House, not from feckless Capitol Hill but from the private sector with Pfizer's vaccine …”

Really Chuck. Feckless Capitol Hill? That was simply lazy. Republicans via McConnell hold Americans hostage to protect the private sector from COVID-19 suits even if they are negligent. Capitol Hill is not this one failing voice but one where one of the voices is simply one that obstructs.

Now the following is true if one isolates it to Republican actions.

No matter how you calculate it,” Chuck Todd said. “The death toll is staggering and increasing, and the leadership crisis in this country is sadly catastrophic.”

Unless we correctly place blame where it belongs, we will never hold the culprits accountable.

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