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Chuck Todd Asks Obvious Question: Why Doesn't Kavanaugh Ask for an FBI Investigation?

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Chuck Todd and his panelists — George Will for one — cannot answer a rather obvious question:  why doesn’t Kavanaugh ask for an FBI investigation of Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegations?  Todd and the rest step right up to the precipice, but they only glance over the edge and say, “Dunno.”  There is the usual blather about “I can’t read his mind” from Will.  That would be the echo that we always hear from the usual suspects of the media.

How about the easy answer that just about everyone on Daily Kos has written about for the last several days:  Kavanaugh is not an innocent man.

Yes, in our system someone does not have to prove they are innocent.  We do not have the Napoleonic code here in America.  Fair enough.  

But if I was an innocent man, I would DEMAND an FBI investigation to try and find evidence that backs up my innocence.  I wouldn’t want a sexual assault allegation hanging over my head.  Just ask that poor guy who Ed Whalen falsely accused of being the real rapist in this case.

Let’s face it.  Whalen and his buddies went to all the trouble to come up with a doppleganger rapist to clear Kavanaugh.  Might it be easier for Kavanaugh to ask for the FBI to help out?  It certainly would be less likely to lead to a lawsuit, which I think and hope will be filed against Whalen.

Given that Kavanaugh is a liar, a fact Republicans simply do not acknowledge, I’m reasonably sure that if an FBI investigation were to occur that Kavanaugh would lie to the investigators.  And lying to the FBI is a crime, despite what Republicans say is “no big deal.”  I would think a federal judge lying to the FBI might be a big deal.

But laws are for everyone but Republicans.

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