GOP official Gabriel Sterling did it again. Unlike Ana Cabrera, Chuck Todd allowed him to get away with the false equivalence about voter fraud.

Chuck Todd allows false equivalence to take root

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Chuck Todd allowed Georgia Republican official Gabriel Sterling to get away with his second attempt in as many days to create a false equivalence.

Chuck Todd asked Gabriel Sterling to debunk the president’s voter fraud lies. He responded by attempting to insert a false equivalence.

“At this point, it’s a game of whack-a-mole as we’ve been saying,” Gabriel Sterling said. “The president’s statements are false. They’re disinformation. They are stoking anger and fear among his supporters. And hell, I voted for him. The situation’s getting much worse, and it’s an environment that’s been built out over years, and it’s not just — you know, Republicans and this side this time. But even in polling up to 2019, up to 50% of Democrats think Russians flipped votes on machines. So this is going both ways. It undermines democracy. We’ve got to get to a point where responsible people act responsibly.”

Chuck should have responded to the false equivalence the way CNN’s Ana Cabrera did.

“But in the situation, we are in right now,” Gabriel Sterling said. “He is not acting as a responsible leader on this front. But it goes back to the people before. The people who were claiming that Hillary was cheated. It is all sides, all things. This is the flavor of the moment.”

Ana Cabrera would not let that stand.

“It is not the same thing,” Cabrera interjected in. “It is not the same thing. He is the president of the United States.”

It would be nice if Chuck Todd were as prepared as George Stephanopoulos, who embarrassed Senator Mike Braun at every turn. Chuck Todd presents a blind eye when his program is used to enhance the Republican misinformation machine.

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