No, I did not attend a boring seminar on quantum mechanics or bend my brain studying the theory of relativity. I spent Christmas Eve and Day in Albert Einstein ( with whom I share a birthday) Hospital recovering from what was termed, a cardiac incident. Short of a heart attack, I discovered that the lack of certain minerals in your system will alter your heart rhythm.  I passed out at home, sprained a knee, broke a finger, and was unable to walk because of syncope.

Now as horrific as that might sound I was exposed to a group of dedicated professionals that made me grateful to be alive, grateful to see them passionately in action and grateful to come home last night.  Waking at 6 am to go to the bathroom, and having your next memory, being in an ambulance riding to a local hospital unable to breathe is scary; especially when you thought your next ride was going to be on a train to visit family and friends.  A conglomeration of hospital personnel made up of Christians, Muslims, Jews, Africans, Asians, and other ethnicities and races who gave up a day off, in some cases choosing to work in place of those who observe the holiday—so they could be with family and loved ones. They know sickness does not take a holiday.

I am still tired from the ordeal and will be that way for a few weeks.  So, if my writing slows a bit, over the next few weeks, forgive me. I enjoy my tri-weekly rants and I hope it imparts, truth, good information and something to ponder. This is just a short note to all my family, both on and offline. Happy Holidays: Happy New Year and as always;

Vote in 2020 for Change.

  • December 27, 2019
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