Christine Blasey Ford will not be showing up on Monday for her public burning at the stake by Republicans.  Her lawyer released this letter rightlfully explaining that THERE HAS TO BE AN FBI INVESTIGATION FIRST!  But Republicans do not want this “hearing” in the first place.  Blasey Ford’s logical refusal to testify before the Senate NOW will be used as an excuse to ram through Kavanaugh’s nomination.  

She is doing the right thing, and now, we will watch Republicans commit an immoral action.

Update:  Yes, as several have pointed out she is not talking about never showing up, but she wants there to be an FBI investigation first.  That ain’t happening before Monday.  So will she show up when hostile Republicans who have already made up their minds want to grill her with no criminal investigation to go on first?  Doubtful, especially given her safety situation and the hostility of this committee.  Others like Chris Hayes agree that it is unlikely, given her lawyer’s letter, she will show on Monday.

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