Christie slams Kushner in new book, says Trump thinks his tie makes him look thinner

The red meat in Chris Christie’s new book, Let Me Finish, is obviously the confirmation of the long-suspected allegation that Jared Kushner had Christie 86’d from Trump’s transition team because of a personal grudge.

The delicious trifle?

The thing about Trump’s interminably long ties.

But first things first.

The Guardian got hold of an advanced copy of Christie’s new book and spilled the beans on Boy Wonder’s shenanigans:

Christie blames this key player in the president’s inner circle for his ignominious dismissal shortly after Trump’s election victory in November 2016. Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, writes that Kushner’s role in his sacking was confirmed to him by Steve Bannon, Trump’s campaign chief, in real time.

“Steve Bannon … made clear to me that one person and one person only was responsible for the faceless execution that Steve was now attempting to carry out. Jared Kushner, still apparently seething over events that had occurred a decade ago.”

The political assassination was carried out by Kushner as a personal vendetta, Christie writes, that had its roots in his prosecution, as a then federal attorney, of Charles Kushner in 2005. The real estate tycoon was charged with witness tampering and tax evasion and served more than a year in federal prison.

And Christie is also unsparing in his criticism of extremely former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn:

In one of the book’s more memorable put-downs, Flynn is dubbed “the Russian lackey and future federal felon”. Christie also calls the former general “a train wreck from beginning to end … a slow-motion car crash”.

Okay, that’s some delicious schadenfreude, but here’s the cherry on top of the banana split with nuts:

At another dinner three years later Trump told the obese Christie he had to lose weight. Addressing him like one of the contestants in Miss Universe, the beauty contest organisation that he owned, Trump said “you gotta look better to be able to win” in politics.

Trump returned to the theme of girth during the 2016 presidential campaign, exhorting Christie to wear a longer tie as it would make him look thinner.


Oh, yeah, Donnie. With that long, red tie, people can’t even tell that your doctor is lying about your weight. No, seriously. You don’t look anything like one Nelson twin swallowed the other.

What, do you just assume your ties are equipped with the same invisibility cloak you think our F-14s have?

My lord.

Self-awareness is not really a thing with you, is it?


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