Chris Wallace Owns Stephen Miller on Fox News Sunday on the Biden/Ukraine Issue.

Chris Wallace handed Miller his a** this morning on Fox News Sunday:

The Biden/Ukraine issue isn’t really that complicated except for The Russian names.

There is a good explainer for it in the link below.

Burisma Holdings owner, Mykola Zlochevsky hired Hunter Biden to his company’s board in 2014, possibly hoping to curry favor with the Obama admin and Biden, but Hunter was somewhat the black sheep of the Biden family, so his hire probably didn’t mean much to Joe.

Zlochevsky and the prosecutor in question, Viktor Shokin, had both worked for the Russian friendly Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych before he was ridden out of Kyiv on a rail.

Zlochevsky had amassed a huge fortune extracting a piece of every cubic inch on natural gas that transited Ukraine to Europe from Russia, and tried to squirrel $23,000,000 of it in London after Yanukovych was forced to run back to Moscow after he was deposed.

Authorities in London froze the funds in hopes of restoring them to the Ukrainian people, and asked prosecutors in Kyiv to document how the money was obtained.

Instead of trying to aid London in repatriating the funds prosecutors in Kyiv, probably including Zlochevsky’s old buddy Viktor Shokin sent back to London a get out of jail free card for the money, which was promptly withdrawn and secreted in Cyprus… probably in Wilbur Ross’s bank.

At that point the IMF, the EU and the Obama administration cried foul and went after Shokin’s head, despite Hunter Biden’s employment status.

That’s about the whole of it, everything else is lies and agitprop.


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