Chris Hayes lays into President: Trump must resign for COVID-19 catastrophe

Chris Hayes made the cut and dry case that the president should resign for causing the COVID-19 catastrophe that is costing lives.

Chris Hayes was on point necessarily disparaging the President

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Chris Hayes did not mince words as he used the president's own words to prove he is responsible for the COVID-19 catastrophe. Hayes started with a poignant statement.

“Right now right this moment there are Americans who are alive and or healthy who will be dead by the fall,” Hayes said. “And there are Americans who already died who did not have to all because of the failures of our government and more specifically the President of the United States.”

The above is a verifiable statement based on science. But mostly, it does not take common sense that if the leadership ignores a spreading virus, it will spread. And it did.

“There is no other conclusion you can reach, at this point,” Hayes continued. “We've lost every last charitable explanation of the failures that the disease itself is challenging which it is, that it's hard to fight which it is, that it's torn through all different kinds of countries with all different kinds of cultures and governments and institutions.”

Chris Hayes then pointedly assigned the deaths of Americans where it belongs, with the president.

“At this point, there's nothing left to say but that Donald Trump has gotten Americans killed and is going to get even more Americans killed in unfathomable numbers,” Hayes said. “When the pandemic started I warned on this show as did everyone we talked to that the president could not just wish the virus away as much as he wanted to or tried to.”

Chris then showed a video of the president claiming several months ago that the virus would just go away in the summer. Now in the summer, he repeats the same thing 130,000+ deaths later. He closes the subsegment with the following.

“I said before the president does not learn at his incompetence and his negligence is getting Americans killed,” Hayes continues. “which is why every day that goes by without his resignation Americans health safety and lies are increasingly threatened.”

I could not have said it any better.

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