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Chris Hayes grills former Fox News Political Director: Your network fed substantive lies.

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Chris Hayes grills former Fox News Political Director: You're network fed substantive lies.

Chris Hayes told former Fox News Political Director Chris Stirewalt that his network fed lies to Americans’ detriment in no uncertain terms.

Pastor makes the moral case.

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Chris Hayes did not hold back in the manner that he described Fox News when the former political director attempted to justify his network’s lie as a necessary evil of keeping an audience “clicking.”

“All of this as a formal critique has merit right,” Chris Hayes said. “So people chasing clicks or chasing ratings, people not wanting to things that don’t confirm their priors, that’s all true. Right? But the deeper problem is that your network, the president, was feeding people substantive lies, incredibly important material lies about the world. Not like the Dems are bad or that we don’t like them. They were lying. They were giving them mistruths about the state of the world. That’s a substantive problem with what was being pumped out, not a formal question of the 24-hour news cycle.”

Later Chris Hayes would school the former political director about personal responsibility.

“I get up every day, and I do this job, and I talk to people like you,” Chris Hayes said. “And I don’t lie to them because it’s important to me not to lie to them. Okay? There are people on the network you worked for that are lying to people, and it’s really bad for the country.”

While Chris Stirewalt continued saying he tells the truth, it was clear he did not understand that the stench carries. And it should.

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