Chris Hayes deconstructs the fraud that is the Donald Trump election and defense fundraising machine. He all but rips off his supporters.

Chris Hayes enumerates the “fraud.”

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Chris Hayes pointed out some unfortunate truths that Trump supporters should not take kindly to though they will likely think the truth is fake news. Fortunately, Hayes left the bread crumbs necessary to do their own research if they wanted to ensure they were not scammed. Of course, many of us know that the Trump scam is on.

As we should all know by now, Donald Trump has an uncanny ability to tell the truth when one least expects him to do so. He all but told Americans in the past that he could likely be a presidential candidate who could profit from his run.

Rachel Maddow recently did a piece that exposed the reality that even as Trump said he would fund his own campaign, he didn’t. In fact, here is the deal she reported on his defense fund for which he was begging for money from his supporters.

There isn't actually a financial entity called 'The Trump Election Defense Fund. They've just used that as a branding mechanism. And when you give money thinking that you're giving it to the 'Trump Election Defense Fund,' some of that money just goes to the Republican Party for whatever they want to use it for. But the bulk of it goes into something that they call a 'Leadership PAC for Donald Trump' and a leadership PAC is definitely the best kind of PAC if you're this kind of president because that money, again more than 200 million dollars raised and counting after the election, that money going into his leadership PAC, that's his money, that's his money.”

Now we find out that the LLC that spent the lion's share of the $1.2 Billion that Trump scammed from his supporters was being funneled through an LLC whose members were hidden. It was later found that Donalf Trump Jr. was one of the principals.

The scam continues. One hopes his sycophant, enablers, and others will take heed and not the payer of Donald Trump’s insurmountable debt.

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