Chris Collins (R-NY27) resigns

Chris Collins, who has the dubious honor of being Trump’s first Congressional fanboy back in the halcyon days of 2016, has been in a bit of a scrape lately. He has been accused of insider trading regarding Innate Immunotherapeutics, and recently lost a legal battle to exempt large volumes of his personal email from discovery.

Today, he filed a motion indicating that he (and his co-defendants) would be changing their pleas on Thursday. Since he initially plead not guilty, that means a guilty plea.

After a morning in which his office has refused to comment on “ongoing legal matters”, there are now reports that Collins has resigned from his position as the representative for NY-27 (or is in the process of doing so).

The cracks, they continue to widen.

EDIT: Currently, no link for confirmation; this is attributed to Jerry Zremski, DC Bureau Chief for the Buffalo News. More sources as they’re available. And now up as the headliner at the Buffalo News.