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Chris Christie blames Trump's staff — not Trump — for disastrous overseas interviews

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Last week in the U.K., Donald Trump gave two crackers interviews that drew a tremendous amount of criticism.

First, he sat down with former America’s Got Talent judge and purported journalist Piers Morgan for what could only be described as the interview equivalent of an enraged pelican choking to death on a discarded truck mudflap. 

Then he gave Laura Ingraham an interview wherein he proceeded to trash House Speaker Nancy Pelosi while seated in front of a graveyard full of fallen World War II soldiers.

The world was shocked, of course, but it can’t be Donald Trump’s fault because … well … he’s Donald Trump, and he obviously doesn’t know any better. Do you really expect him to sit in front of hallowed ground on foreign soil and understand the implications? He’s more likely to build a particle accelerator out of an empty KFC bucket and a tub of Batman Legos.

So right on cue, one of his longtime toadies was eager to blame anyone other than Donald Trump for Donald Trump’s embarrassing interview performances.

This morning on ABC’s This Week, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Trump’s press staff deserves to take the heat for not realizing Trump is too much of a callow idiot to behave himself on camera. (He didn’t say it exactly like that, but come on. That was the gist.)


“Now, I also think, George, that the president’s press staff served him poorly in two instances in Europe,” Christie said, “putting him front of Piers Morgan and putting him in that interview at that site with Laura Ingraham.”

“That does not serve the president well,” Christie said. “When you give that long period of time to do those kind of things, and they’re going to ask those kind of questions and follow up. That’s what — you know this, I know this, anybody knows who has been in political campaigns, and political situations.”

“The staff’s job is not to put the principle in a situation where you put him at greater risk of harm than greater risk of benefit,” Christie said. “And I’d argue that when Sarah Sanders, whoever made those decisions, to put him in those positions, put him there, they ill-served him.”

In other words, “Why did you leave the baby alone with that enormous sack of white phosphorous?”

This can’t be repeated enough: The president of the United States should not have to be handled to this degree. If he can’t be trusted to go toe to toe with Laura Ingraham and Piers Morgan — whose EEG charts are geometrically perfect straight lines — he shouldn’t be president. And no amount of spin and flattery will change that.

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