Openly. Corrupt.

From The Washington Post:

Ivanka Trump-branded semiconductors and voting machines? In China?

That’s an odd, if remote, possibility after Chinese trademark regulators awarded preliminary approval for 16 trademark applications from the president’s daughter and White House senior adviser, online Chinese government filings show.

The approvals by Beijing on Oct. 13 were notable for their timing, coming just as Chinese and U.S. officials were seeking to restart trade talks that had collapsed amid acrimony. They also raised eyebrows for covering a grab-bag of products, including electoral hardware in a country not exactly known for its elections.

Ethics watchdogs have long warned about the possibility of foreign governments seeking to curry favor with President Trump through his family’s extensive business interests, and Ivanka Trump appeared to acknowledge the potential for conflict in her dual roles as White House official and international entrepreneur in July, when she shut down her namesake fashion line.

Where would this passel of dipshits be if they weren’t so dishonest and corrupt? Ivanka was born on third base, and then her dad threw goat’s piss in the umpire’s eyes so she could steal home without having to worry about breaking a heel on her stiletto pumps.

King Idiot is negotiating with China over the fates of thousands of soybean farmers and small business people. Maybe don’t use tariffs as leverage to get your daughter a bunch of goodies, okay? It’s simply bad optics, much like this:



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