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Chicago police better have air tight evidence on Jussie Smollett or there is big trouble

So perhaps people are waking up to the news reports that Smollett orchestrated the MAGA attack on him. This will be explosive.  Donald Trump Jr. has already tweeted on it and you know Trump Sr. is going to be all over this. This is a very dangerous and confusing situation and Chicago Police need to come out with everything they have right now and the Nigerian brothers need to be put under a microscope. If Smollett did this is was incredibly stupid. But,

1) This is a Dirty Harry plot line. It rarely happens in real life.  It is actually much more common for people the be framed with staging events like this than actually staging events like this.  I am not saying it does not happen.  But there are a lot of psychological hurdles one must get over in order to arrange to hurt themselves in order to prove a point.

2) I am not sure what the motive would be. Hating Donald Trump does not seem enough of a motive to do something so explosive and dangerous.  Was Smollett trying to gain attention? He is already well known and had much more to lose than to gain. Why would he put his career in jeopardy just to get….what is he getting out of this. Something like this would have to be a personal vendetta or desperation for publicity, neither of which seem to fit Smollett right now.  Does Smollett have a history or this type of drama?  He almost certainly would if he staged something like this.

3) Would Smollett be stupid enough if he did stage it to hire people he knew and worked with?  And would he be stupid enough to hire two Black men when he was going to claim he was attacked by White men? Maybe, but Jussie Smollett a successful entertainer some an idiot high schooler.  It would suggest that Smollett actually wanted to get caught.

4) Why would two Nigerian ex-patriots engage in this type of staged event. They must be terrified they could deported at the snap of a finger. Why would they put themselves at such risk?  What could Smollett have promised them.

Look, I have been wrong before about these types of things. They may have been just sitting around getting stoned or something and cooked this up for laughs.  I don’t know, people are complicated and can be very stupid.  But I hope the Chicago Police have the receipts on this because if they don’t we don’t know the types of hell they could release.  

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