His column for today’s New York Times is titled It's the Cruelty, Stupid and reminds us of so many of what I cannot help but describe as the transgressions against humanity and violations of American principles committed under the leadershipo/direction of the current occupant of the Oval Office, with the tolerance and even active support of far too many in positions of power, most (not all) Republican office holders and/orm those whose wealth or associations with same somehow give them more power than the ordinary folks of “We the people of the United States” who are the true sovereigns of this nation.

That’s a long, run-on sentence.

I could support it with many examples from the column, but I won ‘t.  That’s because many of us could make the same observations as those made by Blow, and perhaps offer even more on-point examples than he is able to share in his column.

But there is something much more important in this column.

Blow approaches it by acknowledging  that he worries about being redundant when he once again writes about how much of what we are seeing flows from Trump’s viewing the worlod throught the lens of White cultural dominance, both domestically and in international relations (despite his willingness I might note to want to affiliate and be like strongmen whom most Americans would not consider “White” such as Dutarte, Erdogan, Kim Jong Un, and Xi. 

What I consider the heart of the column is the latter portion, in which he asserts that there will eventually be an historical accounting, from which NONE of us will be immune.

Please keep reading.

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